8 Amazing Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness through Technology

It seems these days there’s an app for everything. From tracking parcels to travel bookings, there are multiple apps for most things we do every day. In one area specifically, there has been a mushrooming of apps and accessories over recent years. This area is health and fitness, and from smart watches to apps, we have tons of ways to track our progress. Streaming home workouts on my Spectrum Cable Packages was good enough, but these apps take it to the next level. Here are eight amazing ways to track your health and fitness:

  1. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is the perfect app to track your fluid intake during the day. Doctors recommend around 9-13 glasses of water a day, which can be challenging for people. Most forget or lose track, others are not even keeping count. This is where WaterMinder steps in as a solution. WaterMinder can monitor your hydration and remind you to drink water periodically. It can even monitor other beverages you consume, which allows you to keep track of those post-work drinking sessions. Stay healthy and hydrated with this app worth less than $3.

  1. Full Fitness: Exercise and Workout Trainer

Save the money you were going to spend on a professional trainer and download this app instead. Whatever muscle group you are exercising, this app will make sure you make the most of it. It sorts exercises into categories by targeted muscle groups, body region, and equipment. For those who don’t have easy access to barbells or other equipment, there are also many cardio and bodyweight exercises. For an app worth $2.99, it’s a bargain if you attain your fitness goals.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is perfect for people who have trouble regulating their sleep cycle and waking up fresh. It works by analyzing your sleep patterns from your bedside and find the best moment to start waking you up. The app itself is free to download, but if you really want to make the most of it, its advisable to go for the in-app upgrades.

  1. Lifesum

Lifesum is a comprehensive health and fitness app that helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle than your current one. It is an overall wellness app that does a number of things. From fitness food recipes to tracking gym progress to hydration reminders, its got it all. Considering its got so many areas covered, you only need this one app to get fitter than a number of different apps. Lifesum is a free-to-download app but it also offers a three, six or twelve-month subscription.

  1. Headspace

If you’re a Zen master, you can probably give this app a pass. For everyone else, Headspace is the perfect guided meditation app. It walks you through the meditation process on a basic level and helps you find mental clarity. Irrespective of physical surroundings, its really useful for those high-strung, workaholic types who need some level of mental release. The app contains 10 free meditation exercises and you also get the option to get a monthly or annual subscription.

  1. Noisli

Noisli is the best app to create your own ambient sound atmosphere, whether you’re trying to work or get sleep. It helps drown out surrounding noises and replaces them with soothing, ambient sounds that help you relax or concentrate. You can even create your own custom track by mixing distinct sounds together like running water and birdsongs. It helps you adjust and maintain your mental state, eliminating sounds that induce anxiety or unease. Noisli is available for download at $1.99, a cost which is far outweighed by the benefits. Like Headspace, Noisli is a great app for mental health.

  1. Couch to 5K

Everyone is aware that cardio and running are great ways to reduce stress, risks of different diseases and bone deformations. Despite this, stepping on the running track or a treadmill for the first time can be a daunting task. Couch to 5K is a personal coach that promises to have you out of your couch and running your first 5 kilometers in nine weeks. It does this by encouraging short 20-30 minute running exercises every day, building up your stamina and endurance. It also helps you track your running progress so you know exactly how far you’ve come. Couch to 5K costs $2.99 to download.

  1. Aaptiv

Too many of us find it hard to push ourselves to the limit during our workout. Turning up the resistance on the elliptical can be an internal battle. Aaptiv comes in at this crucial juncture to help you push yourself to the max during your workout. It does this by syncing your workout with a recorded audio lesson, helping you really get into the burn. The app itself is available for free to download but it contains different memberships suited to different lifestyles. Simply download the app, pick the membership that fits best, and get into your workout.

These 8 apps are some of the best ways technology helps you keep track of your health and fitness routine. However, the importance of the right workout tunes cannot be understated. Check out Cox Internet Plans to find some of the best wearable accessories with your smartphones like headphones, smart watches and more. Go hard or go home!

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