Bringing Books to Life: Illustrations as a Medium of Engaging Story Telling

For those who don’t have an idea about illustrations, it is a form of graphical representation that expresses the ideas or messages through the visual aids. Illustrations have been used in multiple purposes and one of them is to clearly depict the messages or ideas. While looking at areas where illustrations could be used I got to the fact that most of the children books have used it for multiple purposes and one of the most important purposes among the same was to enhance the understanding of the text that has been written.

The other day I was reading a book and I was bored with reading all the text and just text. Then I got to another book that had some pictures in it and within a while, I was halfway through the book and had the story clear in my mind. That was when I realized that illustrations are really a great way to express anything and make the messages to be transferred to the reader’s mind.

These things really bring life to books and this happens due to two things. The first is that they are an expression and element of creating interest and attention among the readers. The interest that it creates is perfect to make any book to have a perfect response. However, the second thing in the list is that these pictorial form messages have the audacity to transfer the messages to the mind of readers through just visual elements and this then becomes an aid to make the messages and lessons to be transferred to the readers.

Most importantly I realized that I often see illustrations being explicitly used in the children books and I have seen people adopting different children’s book illustration styles to be implicated to make things more effectively and visually appealing. I always wondered why was it so? Now I have realized that it is not because illustrations are only appealing to the human eyes and visual aids make things more interesting but it is also because they increase the understanding. It is rather easy to understand the ideas and messages through seeing it and for children who do not have understanding skills like adults and thus they are required to have something to aid along with words and I find illustrations to be a perfect replacement for words especially for children. They make these children to be attracted at the first point and then deliver the message that is required to be transferred through the book. This is the reason that we see a lot of illustrations in children’s book and I think it is fair enough to have them in this.

If you are a book writer this is something that you can take away with you with for the next time. You now while writing a book whether it is a children book or a normal book can contemplate on illustration for making the attraction towards their book to be increased and most important these illustrations can help their text and words to be understood more clearly. But keep one thing in mind that illustrations are required to be perfect in terms of context and the visual elements or else it might make confusions and could backfire for your book.

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