8 Amazing Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness through Technology

Head Shot

It seems these days there’s an app for everything. From tracking parcels to travel bookings, there are multiple apps for most things we do every day. In one area specifically, there has been a mushrooming of apps and accessories over recent years. This area is health and fitness, and from smart watches to apps, we have tons of ways to track our progress. Streaming home workouts on my Spectrum Cable Packages was good enough, but these apps take it to the next level. Here are eight amazing ways to track your health and fitness:

  1. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is the perfect app to track your fluid intake during the day. Doctors recommend around 9-13 glasses of water a day, which can be challenging for people. Most forget or lose track, others are not even keeping count. This is where WaterMinder steps in as a solution. WaterMinder can monitor your hydration and remind you to drink water periodically. It can even monitor other beverages you consume, which allows you to keep track of those post-work drinking sessions. Stay healthy and hydrated with this app worth less than $3.

  1. Full Fitness: Exercise and Workout Trainer

Save the money you were going to spend on a professional trainer and download this app instead. Whatever muscle group you are exercising, this app will make sure you make the most of it. It sorts exercises into categories by targeted muscle groups, body region, and equipment. For those who don’t have easy access to barbells or other equipment, there are also many cardio and bodyweight exercises. For an app worth $2.99, it’s a bargain if you attain your fitness goals.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is perfect for people who have trouble regulating their sleep cycle and waking up fresh. It works by analyzing your sleep patterns from your bedside and find the best moment to start waking you up. The app itself is free to download, but if you really want to make the most of it, its advisable to go for the in-app upgrades.

  1. Lifesum

Lifesum is a comprehensive health and fitness app that helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle than your current one. It is an overall wellness app that does a number of things. From fitness food recipes to tracking gym progress to hydration reminders, its got it all. Considering its got so many areas covered, you only need this one app to get fitter than a number of different apps. Lifesum is a free-to-download app but it also offers a three, six or twelve-month subscription.

  1. Headspace

If you’re a Zen master, you can probably give this app a pass. For everyone else, Headspace is the perfect guided meditation app. It walks you through the meditation process on a basic level and helps you find mental clarity. Irrespective of physical surroundings, its really useful for those high-strung, workaholic types who need some level of mental release. The app contains 10 free meditation exercises and you also get the option to get a monthly or annual subscription.

  1. Noisli

Noisli is the best app to create your own ambient sound atmosphere, whether you’re trying to work or get sleep. It helps drown out surrounding noises and replaces them with soothing, ambient sounds that help you relax or concentrate. You can even create your own custom track by mixing distinct sounds together like running water and birdsongs. It helps you adjust and maintain your mental state, eliminating sounds that induce anxiety or unease. Noisli is available for download at $1.99, a cost which is far outweighed by the benefits. Like Headspace, Noisli is a great app for mental health.

  1. Couch to 5K

Everyone is aware that cardio and running are great ways to reduce stress, risks of different diseases and bone deformations. Despite this, stepping on the running track or a treadmill for the first time can be a daunting task. Couch to 5K is a personal coach that promises to have you out of your couch and running your first 5 kilometers in nine weeks. It does this by encouraging short 20-30 minute running exercises every day, building up your stamina and endurance. It also helps you track your running progress so you know exactly how far you’ve come. Couch to 5K costs $2.99 to download.

  1. Aaptiv

Too many of us find it hard to push ourselves to the limit during our workout. Turning up the resistance on the elliptical can be an internal battle. Aaptiv comes in at this crucial juncture to help you push yourself to the max during your workout. It does this by syncing your workout with a recorded audio lesson, helping you really get into the burn. The app itself is available for free to download but it contains different memberships suited to different lifestyles. Simply download the app, pick the membership that fits best, and get into your workout.

These 8 apps are some of the best ways technology helps you keep track of your health and fitness routine. However, the importance of the right workout tunes cannot be understated. Check out Cox Internet Plans to find some of the best wearable accessories with your smartphones like headphones, smart watches and more. Go hard or go home!

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Choose Breast Reduction Surgeon in Delhi Carefully

Breast Reduction Surgery

Are you considering breast reduction surgery? Do you know what exactly is it?  The surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin for achieving a breast appearance that is in proportion with the rest of your body. It alleviates the discomfort associated with the overly large sized breasts. During the surgery, the breast tissue and skin is removed and the nipple is repositioned higher on the chest.

When it comes to this procedure, you need to be extremely cautious while looking for a breast reduction surgeon in Delhi. Just like any other surgery, even breast reduction has some risks. It is a complicated procedure and the results depend entirely on the experience and expertise of the surgeon.

While looking for a surgeon for this procedure, make sure you make no decision in haste. Take out sufficient time, do research, compare and then choose the one. It is always a good idea to choose a board-certified surgeon who has years of experience in performing breast surgeries. Such surgeons are reputed and know the procedure’s intricate details. Experience matters the most. If you are able to locate a surgeon who has been performing this surgery for last many years, chances are that you will get outstanding results.

One thing that often leads to wrong decision is choosing the surgeon on the basis of the fee or cost involving the surgery. Yes, you read that correct. As observed in most cases, people opt for a surgeon who charges low fee. However, this can cause a negative impact on your surgery’s result. A surgeon who has been practicing breast reduction surgery for last many years and is confident will, obviously, charge slightly high fee. It is much better to shell out slight high amount then regret later. Also, there are several factors that influence the overall cost of the surgery. Some of these are geographical location, facility or the clinic where the surgery will be performed, technologies and advanced tools used, and of course, how popular the surgeon is. These are some factors that affect cosmetic surgery cost in Delhi.

The importance of choosing an experienced, trained and qualified cosmetic surgeon is second to none. Even the placement of incision and scars thereafter the surgery depend on the surgeon. An experienced surgeon is extremely careful at the time of performing the surgery and makes sure that not only the results of the surgery are satisfactory, even the patient feels comfortable and relaxed. Everything related to the surgery will be discussed to you before the procedure. This will help you and surgeon reach a common decision regarding the goal. In a nutshell, the cosmetic surgeon you will choose for this procedure can make a great difference to its results.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery in India – Three Medical Benefits

tummy tuck surgery

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed for removing the excess fat and loose skin from the tummy so that it appears toned and flat. The procedure tightens the abdomen muscles making them appear flatter and firmer.

Tummy tuck surgery in India and other parts of the world is associated with mommy makeovers, a procedure that lets women restore their figure after child birth. It also helps patients who have undergone significant weight loss within a short span.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of tummy tuck preformed between 2000 and 2014 rose by 87 percent. No doubt that most of the procedures were performed for cosmetic reasons. However, the fact that abdominoplasty brings along several medical benefits too cannot be ignored.

Correction of Ventral Hernia

A ventral hernia is a condition that occurs when the abdominal tissue or intestine breaks through the abdominal wall forming a sack or pocket. There are several causes for this including abdominal weakness that triggers by surgeries such as appendectomies and C-sections or significant weight loss.

The underlying symptoms for that indicate the need for ventral hernia correction are similar to those for a tummy tuck procedure. Both surgeries help in correcting pressure on the skin and weakened abdominal muscles. Irrespective of the cause, whether weight or pregnancy, a weak abdominal wall would let the formation of hernia.

Once a patient develops ventral hernia, chances are that it will happen again. It is often that the surgeon weighs the advantages of adding a tummy tuck procedure for hernia repair to prevent future occurrences of the same. Combining abdominoplasty is not only safe, but also practical, as it reduces recovery time and medical expenses.

Reduction of stress urinary incontinence

After vaginal birth, some women end up suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). It is a bladder control medical problem that is related with uncontrollable leakage brought on by exercising, laughing, sneezing and coughing.

Although in most cases, the problem is treated without surgery. For patients who need more care, studies and research conducted indicates that an abdominoplasty surgery procedure can help in recovery specifically in patients who have undergone cesarean section. In this procedure, a small bladder obstruction is created using the soft tissues around the pelvic region, thus reducing incontinence.

Better posture and improved abdominal tone

After multiple pregnancies or massive weight loss, muscles of stomach can become distended and stringent exercise and diet alone cannot help. A tummy tuck procedure tightens weak muscles, while eliminating excess aft and skin, flattening the tummy.

Weak stomach muscles are often related with lordosis, also known as sway back. After tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, patients might notice drastic difference in their posture; courtesy tightened muscles support their spine much better. The better posture and improved support can have additional benefits of relieving some types of backache.

These are some of the most common medical benefits of a tummy tuck procedure. It is apparent for you to know about the cost associated with tummy tuck in India. The best way to determine the exact cost is by consulting a cosmetic or plastic surgeon that has experience and expertise in performing the procedure.

More Detail @ http://www.cosmecto.com/abdominoplasty.html

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Want to Know about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Treatment?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Popularly known as the non-invasive procedure- the hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is an effective method of curing several physical and psychological disorders in patients. By applying 100% oxygen in the oxygen chambers, under the supervision of expert technicians, patients are treated.

Normally, the living world gets the opportunity of inhaling only 21% of oxygen. But scientists have proved by keeping the human beings in the hyperbaric oxygen chambers for around 30-90 minutes can be effective for curing various diseases. Moreover the pure oxygen helps in curing external and internal wounds. Depending on the disease or injury or psychological disorder, the technicians apply the percentage of oxygen. Till now, in majority cases, patients have been cured with hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga and in other places across the globe.

HBOT Treatment- A brief Intro

People suffering from different types of physical and psychological diseases can be relieved with the Mississauga hyperbaric oxygen treatmentor in any other area. Reputed clinics offering the services are mostly visited by the patients. There they have the oxygen chambers with acrylic beds where both the patients are asked to sleep and under the supervision of expert technicians, the HBOT treatment is processed. From sportspersons to autistic children, the treatment has proven to be effective in different spheres. Visit YelpYellow Pages, & Ourbis to know more about the hyperbaric oxygen chambers in Mississauga and other places.

A note on the hyperbaric chambers

To obtain the innovative medical treatment of HBOT, patients need to rest in the pressurized vessels which in medical terms they call hyperbaric chambers. These chambers are manufactured by applying the cutting edge technology where the technicians can regulate the pressure of the hyperbaric oxygen tanks in Mississauga and elsewhere as they have to maintain the pressure of the 100% oxygen depending on the requirement of each patient.

Generally, two types of chambers are found. In a monoplace hyperbaric chamber, only one patient can be treated at a time. But if peers and families are planning to obtain the HBOT treatment together, the technicians have the provision of providing them multiplace hyperbaric chambers. These hyperbaric oxygen chambers in Mississauga and other places are equipped with individual recliners where the peers can lie and relax while the oxygen hoods or masks are on their face. They have a technician there constantly monitoring or for performing the procedures in the high atmospheric pressures.

Another type of hyperbaric chamber is often used in many clinics for offering the mild HBOT treatments. They call it Soft Hyperbaric Chambers which are large bags made of canvas or polythene materials. These polythene bag hyperbaric oxygen treatments are done with 21% oxygen for de-stressing people or soothing them from any mental anxiety. Many can use such bags for the in-home HBOT treatments.

It is strongly advised to consult a doctor before opting for the Mississauga hyperbaric oxygen treatment or elsewhere. Instead of trying this at home, it’s better to visit a nearby clinic for the therapy under constant expert supervision.

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The Best Double Eyelid Surgery Benefits

double-eyelid-surgery.jpg (870×443)

The Best Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the commonest procedures after rhinoplasty. Other names for this are blepharoplasty, Asian eyelid or crease surgery. For widening the eyes, the surgeon might combine this with other surgical procedures such as inner eye corner incision. Before one goes into the exact nature of the surgery, it makes sense to understand double eyelids. This refers to eyelids with visible creases. Presence of double eyelids is quite common in Caucasians but not so in the Asians where most have a single fold or the monolids. This refers to eyes that have heavy lids minus any visible creases. Others do have a double eyelid but these are different from the Caucasian counterparts.

Asians going through the double eyelid surgery are seeking the Asian variety and not the Western look. When it comes to the surgical methods, the plastic surgeon might use any one of the three major procedures for achieving permanent eyelids as required. One is buried suture process that involves partial or full and vision. You’re the surgeon will not small sutures in the upper part of the aisle are creation of the old. This method is popular because it needed, it is possible to reverse the process and get back to the old self.

Full incision process is one of the commonest methods for the Best Double Eyelid Surgery. When you want to achieve long-term results and maximize satisfaction, this is the process to consider. However, in order to get the completely natural look it takes longer but this is worthwhile as the effects will be permanent as well. Here, they will make incision in upper eyelid and remove tissue and fat from the area. After this, they will stitch up the incision. The suture line now becomes crease for the new eyelid.

Those looking for an alternate to buried suture can consider partial incision process or full incision. The recovery time is short in comparison for the partial method. Here the lines of double eyelid will extend to the eye last third portion and this is in opposition to full incision technique where lines move beyond the eye last third portions. For achieving the desired double eyelids nonsurgical methods are also available. Based upon your eligibility for these procedures, the doctors might even suggest such non-invasive techniques.

The benefit of the surgical procedure is that you will be able to achieve the looks you always wanted. Everyone has their personal preferences so, if you want to consider double eyelid surgery, you should consult with the professionals at the Best plastic surgery clinic. They will sit down with you to understand your needs and will then suggest treatments accordingly.

The consultation gives you a clear idea regarding the process you would go through and the results to expect. It is always necessary to have a realistic outlook as this way, the chances of disappointment becomes quite slim. Modern day improvements in the techniques help you to achieve the desired results quite effectively. All you have to do is to follow the guidance of the surgeons.

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