Diving Sites in Mauritius and Philippines

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“Land is the secure ground of home, the sea is like life, the outside, the unknown” – Stephen Gardiner

The above reason perfectly sums up why adventure seekers sign up for a scuba diving programme. For them, diving is an activity which provides them with an insight into the life of aquatic animals. They also sign up for a diving programme just to encounter giant fishes and marvel at the sight of the numerous corals under the water. Amongst the numerous destinations for diving, Mauritius happens to be renowned destination for diving. Here are some of the diving spots in Mauritius:

Stella Maru

Located at the beach of a town named Trou-aux-Biches, the Stella Maru was a name of a Japanese Trawler which sank in 1987. We get to explore this wreck which is still in a relatively good condition and come across some corals. Fishes like goat fish, blue trigger fish, parrot fish, flying scorpion fish and moray eels which are huge in size can also be found here. This spot is popular with divers as it provides them with opportunities to take photographs.

Coral Garden

Coral Garden is a popular spot with divers for night time diving. Here we come across both types of corals i.e. soft and hard corals, earning its name. While diving, we come across creatures like feathered starfish, lion fish, wrasses, sea anemones, clown fish, Spanish dancers and lobsters.

Lobster Cave

Lobster Cave can be found in the east coast of Mauritius. The spot is known for housing a large population of lobsters, earning its name. While diving, we come across some beautiful corals on the outlines of the cave. The number of fishes found here include lobsters, eels, eagle rays, snapper, king fish and white tip reef sharks.

Turtle Rock

Located at the Riviere du Rempart District, the Turtle Rock has the maximum depth of 18 metres. A beautiful and popular diving spot, we come across various creatures like turtles (especially green ones), eagle ray, lionfish, frogfish, moray eel, triggerfish, barracudas, fusiliers and corals.

Other than the aforementioned places, there various dive spots in this magical country.

Other than Mauritius, Philippines also happen to be a major destination for diving. Some of the well known diving spots in Philippines are:

Apo Island

Located close the Negros Island, the island was named after the Filipino word for the term ‘old man’. A popular snorkelling and diving destination, the Apo Island is renowned for its corals and sea turtles.

Monad Shoal

We can find this spot in Malapascua. This spot happens to be a diver’s paradise as one can encounter the thresher sharks under the water.

Coron Island

The Coron Islands in Philippines attract the divers because of the Japanese shipwrecks that date back to the Second World War. Here we also come across the Kayangan Lake, which is supposed to be Asia’s cleanest lake.

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