Different Types of Professional Appraisal Services

Whether you are updating the insurance of your valuable artwork, need to file loss or damage claim, buying or selling automobile, needing research into authentication or conservation or refinancing, appraisal plays a vital role in safeguarding your financial interest in your assets and investments. An appraisal helps you in taking better decision about Estate Appraisal and other valuable investments. Professional appraisers provide appraisals for a wide array of tangible and non-tangible assets including antique appraisals, automobile appraisal, estate appraisal, equipment appraisal and lot more.

Estate appraisal

Estate appraisal is generally used for purchase and sale transactions. For instance, in case of home appraisal, an appraisal is used for knowing if the contact price of the home is appropriate as per the condition, location, amenities and facilities offered with it. In case home refinancing, home appraisal helps the lender to assure that he is not providing more money to the borrower than the home is worth as the home serves as collateral for the mortgage.

Art appraisal

Whether you are buying fine wine, old tickets,vintage movie posters or abstract paintings, vintage valuables and artistic things are often expensive, so it is important to get appraisal through a knowledgeable art appraiser to find how much the collection is worth. Fine art appraisals help you to know the value of the art owned by you. It also assures its originality. Art appraisals are also done for taxation purpose, insurance policy or to divide property in a divorce matters and other such purposes. Many appraisal companies also provide appraisal by photo in which you are required to submit the photo of your art for an online appraisal. . In order to conduct art appraisal, it is essential to find an art appraiser with broad knowledge about the kind of pieces you collect

Equipment Appraisal

An equipment appraisal helps people to buy or sell equipment at the right price as per its condition as well as current market conditions. Business lenders get the equipment appraisal for buying the equipment for collateral purposes. Lenders and bankers usually don’t have time to personally view the equipment and evaluate it. They rely on third party appraisers to verify the ownership and value of these assets.

Automobile Appraisal

Automobile appraisal is conducted to examine the vehicle to know its current market value. Professional automobile appraisers use vast checklist and do the required research needed for accurate and detailed appraisal and provide a high quality appraisal report.

Professional full service appraisal companies have qualified and experienced appraisers belonging to diversified backgrounds to provide a high quality and accurate appraisals. It is advisable to look for knowledgeable and experienced appraisers to get detailed and accurate appraisal of your assets and investments.


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