Guide to Wrap Your Gift in a Different Style

Are you going to a party this week? Are you planning to buy a gift for your invite? If yes, then the next thing after buying the gift will be packing your gift, justify? So if you want to pack your gifts in a different style overcoming the old traditional style of gift packing, then you are at the right place to get some good help for your packing chores. Here you will earn some quick tips to present your gift in a trendy way. You can use unwanted things to play the magic for your gift wrapping art. Your old luxury wrapping paper, ribbons, yarns, etc. can be used for transforming the old ethnic gift wrapping style into something good and gorgeous. Below listed are some hacks to wrap your gift in style.

Cute toppings

You can use bows, colorful buttons and ribbons to make your gift look attractive. The pretty toppings on the gift box will make your gift look more appealing and differentiated.

Markers and Glitters

Markers glitter and blow pens can be used to decorate your gift box. Play with colors on the gift box and get ready to flaunt your gift in a personalized style.

Themed gift

You can decorate your gift in a particular theme such as a vintage theme, winter theme or any other theme according to your choice. An idea on the gift box will make it distinct from other gifts. You can also go in for the color theme to decorate your box. You can choose a gift wrap according to the likes and dislike of the gift receiver and decorate it using the mix and match code.

Seasonal theme

A gift box wrapped according to the season when you are presenting the gift is a good idea to make your gift distinct from other’s gifts. You can use the rainy season theme by making some umbrellas and rain drops on the gift wrap. You can even make some snowflakes and snowman for a winter theme gift.

Flaunting your gift bag

If you have wrapped your gift in a simple style, still you can flaunt your gift by carrying it in a beautifully printed gift bag. You can buy printed small paper gift bags to steal some looks from the guests present for the party.


Using different textures to wrap your gift is an excellent way to make your gift look extravagant. You can make the use of tissue wrapping paper with unique texture and quirky pattern to give your gift a super trendy look. Also, a ribbon topping with vibrant colors over the texture will make it super attractive.

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