How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency – Questions you Need to Ask!

A website is the platform that enables businesses to establish a strong base and aim for higher horizons. In today’s digital marketing world, a business without a website is simply cutting its wings.

To be honest, I haven’t met a single business owner who doesn’t understand the importance of the website and how it can bring great success and progress to their businesses. However, one question that I had faced repeatedly is how to get the right website.

There will be very few people who can claim to be satisfied with their first website design project.

But, what’s so difficult about the process?

Well, more than the process itself, it is the process of finding the right resources (take website designers and agencies in this case) that makes the process a lot more complicated.

Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of questions that will help you choose the right company for your next website design project.

1. What’s your experience?

Well, the first question got to be asking about the previously accomplished projects. You can’t just hand over your website design project to a company that isn’t experienced enough; little do I doubt about the abilities of new companies, however just like anywhere else, with experience comes the maturity and intellectual that’s so dearly needed to fight-off stiff competition in the online industry.

So, don’t shy to ask the agency about their past projects, websites that they have completed and even websites that they are maintaining. You got to see the completed history of projects and not just portfolio work to be assured that your project will be completed on time and within decided budget.

2. Do you work in-house or outsource projects?

Nowadays it’s a common practice for website design and development companies to have back-office support in some other countries, from where they get projects completed. Thereby, it is important to ask if they have an in-house team (highly recommended) or will they outsource the work to some back-office support guys.

3. What’s your business model?

The reason to ask this question is that big is not always better. In fact, for small business websites, it can be more beneficial to hire the services of a company with a smaller footprint. This way you won’t only save cost on your project, but you also have a better chance to get personalized attention and a learning experience.

4. What’s your costing models?

Given the fierce competition in the industry, you can expect pretty customized and affordable pricing models from companies. So, it’s always recommended to ask an agency about their costing models; will they be charging on an hourly basis, project-based, functionalities based, or some other metrics. Also, ask them about the payment schedule and mode of payments.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is Marketing Head at Starlinks Australia Web design – A leading digital agency offering top web design services in Auckland and Christchurch. He has an accumulated experience of 10+ years in digital marketing with a focus on SEO and Content marketing strategy.

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