How to Plus Size the Tires and Wheels?

Naveed Ganatra

When it’s about the performance tires, big often seems better. What we exactly want from the tires that we buy. That these are not only the safest and most appropriate but also they, suit the needs of your specific on and off-road activities. If you’re just casually using your vehicle as a drive from home to work and picking kids from school, that fine that. But if it’s expected to do a little more than that, then you must get along with the wider tires.

These types of car tires fit larger diameter wheels that are quite likely to meet your performance goals. So let’s dive in;

Big is Beautiful

So what does plus sizing the tires mean? It’s mainly about installing tyres on your car that has a larger wheel diameter than standard car tyre fitting. With these tires, you get to retain the same overall rolling radius by merely reducing the tire profile. Sounds confusing a little bit? Earlier, tire plus sizing seemed only the most dedicated and performance-minded car buffs. While visiting the tire shops, you come across plenty of reasons why up Sizing could be a considerable option, and you can get this done by professionals safely.

Thick & Thin of plus Sizing

Plus sizing is also known as stepping up in this industry. So if your previous tire fitment were let’s say 16 inches, so the plus one would be 17 inches and plus two would be 18 inches. Although, it sounds pretty simple that you can increase the diameter of your wheels by just stepping up the size notches. But there’s some attention that needs to be paid on the aspect ratio too.

So what’s the aspect ratio? It’s the percentage that refers to the relationship of the height of the tyre’s sidewall to its width. When the figure is lower, the tyre’s section width would be greater. Keep in mind that the wider tyre does not interfere with vehicle’s body parts.  You get an increased grip and better braking performance with wider tires. On the flip side, it can be dangerous and may even compromise the road safety in case it comes into contact with any mechanical part of the vehicle.

Professional plus Sizing is Important

In case you are not able to tackle this technical jargon of tire plus sizing, don’t worry and let the professionals look after this. All you are supposed to do is consider the diameter of the wheel you are willing to plus size along with results you want to achieve. To determine that how much plus sizing would be required and what sort of performance outcomes should be expected, it all depends upon what exactly you are hoping to gain from your plus sizing experience.

Are you willing to get your car tires plus sized? If you aren’t pretty much familiar with the industry jargon and all the technical stuff, you can ask the professional to look after this for you.


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