Industrial & Commercial Lighting Information

Industrial & Commercial Lighting

Even though outdoor commercial and industrial lighting has a more functional than aesthetic purpose, property owners and managers still need to carefully consider their options before choosing a certain type of lighting product.

There are many kinds of light bulbs and fixtures suitable for outdoor, as well as warehouse environments. Each tends to have some unique characteristics.

For example, in a warehouse where handlers need to inspect merchandise and where natural color trueness is desired, metal halide lamps would be preferable, as they bring out colors just like they would appear during daylight.

On the other hand, lighting an outdoor lot is an application where getting the highest efficiency is important, something that can be achieved with high pressure sodium bulbs.

Finding the Right Lighting Fixtures Is Important Too

When consider commercial or industrial lighting options, the lighting fixtures themselves are as important as the bulbs. Quality providers of lighting equipment have a large selection of both, so you’re sure to find the exact product you need for your desired lighting application.

Be sure to take a look at the latest lighting products, as advances in technology have resulted in the development of lighting solutions that are more versatile and energy-efficient than ever before.

High bay lamps emit a light beam that is concentrated and has minimal dispersion, which is why they’re preferred in facilities with high ceilings. Low bay lamps work best for smaller rooms, as well as areas where the ceiling is lower.

If you’re not sure which lighting option is the best for you, feel free to browse through the specifications of numerous products in a supplier’s catalog or ask one of their salespeople for advice.

Commercial and industrial lighting, whether used in an indoor or outdoor environment, also comes with a variety of mounting options to keep the fixture securely attached. Quality industrial light fixtures also aim to make maintenance simple with easy access to the bulb for replacement, as well as to the wiring chamber.

Tough and Durable Lighting Fixtures for Public Areas

When choosing lighting fixtures for areas open to the public, possible vandalism is a concern. Outdoor fixtures will also be exposed to a variety of weather conditions and need to be built to stand up to the elements for years on end.

There are highly durable and vandal proof lighting fixtures offered by suppliers of specialty commercial lighting products. These fixtures have a refractor lens made out of polycarbonate or another material that is practically impossible to break, as well as a steel or die cast aluminum housing.

Vandal proof fixtures can accommodate a variety of low, medium or high wattage bulbs. Some fixtures also have a special coating that makes it easier to remove graffiti or accumulated dirt.

Durable outdoor commercial lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles. The least expensive fixtures have a simple and utilitarian design, which is perfect for building areas that have limited aesthetic elements, such as parking garages, loading docks, basement hallways and so on.

There are also many fixtures available in more creative and decorative styles that can easily fit in with the existing ambiance of a commercial property’s common areas, all while maintaining a high level of damage resistance and durability.

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