5 Tips for Improving Help Desk Services

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The service desk is a Tier 1 function for many IT organizations. Thus, it becomes vital to understand the importance of help desk. Seeing help desk services from a different angle will ensure that you will look out for more skills apart from a degree in customer handling skills. The intangible skills that you might look at your help desk executives are that they must have patience, sense of urgency, active listening, empathy, speed, accuracy, creativity, flexibility along with good organization skills.The growing demand for enhancing clients experience creates a positive pressure on improving help desk services in India. Here are some tips with which you can enhance the quality of help desk services at your office space:

When you hire help desk executives for this essential trait

This is the prime trait that help desks executives must have. The attitude should not be just doing things for the sake of doing. Look for enthusiastic individuals who find joy in doing their tasks. This trait will really add to the efficiency of your help desk services as the executives have a natural attitude to help others and they find joy in doing so.

Another trait that can you look for is that they work as the extension of the customers. Not working for the customers but working with them. This will help the executives to solve problems at their own end providing quality services to the customers.

A general optimism

A general optimism is a key factor that a help desk service agent must have. This is an essential trait as the job of executives at this post is highly demanding. Stress, tension, and anger are normal emotions when you daily deal with complaining customers. Here, a job of a good help desk executive is to increase his or her overall optimism and finding the solution to the problems while having empathy for others. Here are some of the tipsfor coming out as a more optimistic individual:

Train your mind to find solutions to the problem

  • Give a few seconds to visualize success in your mind
  • Develop the habit of self-appreciation
  • Motivate yourself on a constant basis

Have a real respect for the consumer

Do not consider your consumers as an asset, ticket or numbers. They are more than that.You are dealing with human beings who have expectations, feelings and want to be treated with respect. Give them what you want the customers to give you back. A real respect will bring good results back on your table.

It is important to work on enhancing the help desk services. Always look for the intangible skills besides the basic qualifications as this will go a long way. In case your current help desk managers do not possess those skills, then train them to possess those skills.


When there is a large volume of work at your table, it is important to have an excellent quality help desk services at your end. This ensures that your customers will leave with a smile on their face creating a good name for the brand. These tips will enhance the overall quality of leading help desk services in India.

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Contact Lens or Eyeglass: Which is More Suitable for You?

Contact Lens or Eyeglass

Are you confused between contact lenses and eyeglasses? The facts and details below would surely help you take a viable decision so read on!

Contact lens V/S eyeglass

Both, eyeglasses and contact lenses have their particular benefits and pitfalls which make it all the more important to be informed before you buy. Teenagers on the contrary, prefer wearing lenses just because of aesthetical appeal but, they do have their advantages. A research trial titled as Contact Lenses in Paediatrics (CLIP) was conducted on children as young as eight-years and teenagers to evaluate the result of wearing soft contact lenses for the first time.

Approximately 85 teenagers between the age of 13 and 15 years along with 84 pre-teens of eight and 12 years participated in the study. All were fitted with softer contact lenses and evaluated after three months. The results concluded;

  • No serious counter effects occurring among any participants.
  • Around 89% teens and 83% younger children found it extremely easy and convenient to clean and care for their lenses.
  • Response to lifestyle queries further revealed that 65% teenagers experienced improvement in various activities wearing contact lenses due to convenience of handling.

Parents of volunteers also responded with optimism over the benefits of wearing contact lenses. The positive outcome of controlled clinical trial concluded that children and teenagers alike faced no issue or challenges whatsoever wearing contacts. Though a trial, any eyewear should be worn only after careful consultancy with an eye specialist in Dubai.

A few drawbacks

In extreme conditions mostly associated to climate, dust and dirt can accumulate under the lens causing discomfort, pain and itchiness. This is more common with rigid gas permeable lenses due to their harder composition and adherence.

Specialised contact lens drops can be applied or simply remove and wash before reusing. Other lens related issues may be user’s own such as protein build-up on the lens that results in itching, hazy vision and even corneal infection in extreme cases.

If someone wears contacts longer than the recommended time by an eye specialist in Abu Dhabi, it would reduce the oxygen supply causing serious corneal damage. Sharing of contact lenses and eyeglasses with others must be avoided at all cost else it elevates the risk of major eye diseases.

Are you a suitable candidate for contact lens? It depends on the nature of vision problem as well as overall condition and structure of the eye. Several persisting eye problems such as pink eyes, dry eyes or any other can worsen on wearing contact lenses even after doctor’s disapproval.

Besides eliminating the risk of infection or any other problem by wearing contacts, one can benefit from eyeglasses since they’re easy to clean and disinfect. Prescription-based sports glasses fitted with impact-resistant poly carbonate lens can significantly reduce the risk of painful corneal abrasion or any other injury to the eye during active and contact sports.


All that said, both eyeglasses and contact lenses have their specific benefits as well as a few shortfalls which is why consultancy with an eye specialist is critical.

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How to Plus Size the Tires and Wheels?

car tyre fitting

Naveed Ganatra

When it’s about the performance tires, big often seems better. What we exactly want from the tires that we buy. That these are not only the safest and most appropriate but also they, suit the needs of your specific on and off-road activities. If you’re just casually using your vehicle as a drive from home to work and picking kids from school, that fine that. But if it’s expected to do a little more than that, then you must get along with the wider tires.

These types of car tires fit larger diameter wheels that are quite likely to meet your performance goals. So let’s dive in;

Big is Beautiful

So what does plus sizing the tires mean? It’s mainly about installing tyres on your car that has a larger wheel diameter than standard car tyre fitting. With these tires, you get to retain the same overall rolling radius by merely reducing the tire profile. Sounds confusing a little bit? Earlier, tire plus sizing seemed only the most dedicated and performance-minded car buffs. While visiting the tire shops, you come across plenty of reasons why up Sizing could be a considerable option, and you can get this done by professionals safely.

Thick & Thin of plus Sizing

Plus sizing is also known as stepping up in this industry. So if your previous tire fitment were let’s say 16 inches, so the plus one would be 17 inches and plus two would be 18 inches. Although, it sounds pretty simple that you can increase the diameter of your wheels by just stepping up the size notches. But there’s some attention that needs to be paid on the aspect ratio too.

So what’s the aspect ratio? It’s the percentage that refers to the relationship of the height of the tyre’s sidewall to its width. When the figure is lower, the tyre’s section width would be greater. Keep in mind that the wider tyre does not interfere with vehicle’s body parts.  You get an increased grip and better braking performance with wider tires. On the flip side, it can be dangerous and may even compromise the road safety in case it comes into contact with any mechanical part of the vehicle.

Professional plus Sizing is Important

In case you are not able to tackle this technical jargon of tire plus sizing, don’t worry and let the professionals look after this. All you are supposed to do is consider the diameter of the wheel you are willing to plus size along with results you want to achieve. To determine that how much plus sizing would be required and what sort of performance outcomes should be expected, it all depends upon what exactly you are hoping to gain from your plus sizing experience.

Are you willing to get your car tires plus sized? If you aren’t pretty much familiar with the industry jargon and all the technical stuff, you can ask the professional to look after this for you.


Do you want to learn more about how to plus size the car tires and wheels? Just check out the article now

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How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency – Questions you Need to Ask!

web design services

A website is the platform that enables businesses to establish a strong base and aim for higher horizons. In today’s digital marketing world, a business without a website is simply cutting its wings.

To be honest, I haven’t met a single business owner who doesn’t understand the importance of the website and how it can bring great success and progress to their businesses. However, one question that I had faced repeatedly is how to get the right website.

There will be very few people who can claim to be satisfied with their first website design project.

But, what’s so difficult about the process?

Well, more than the process itself, it is the process of finding the right resources (take website designers and agencies in this case) that makes the process a lot more complicated.

Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of questions that will help you choose the right company for your next website design project.

1. What’s your experience?

Well, the first question got to be asking about the previously accomplished projects. You can’t just hand over your website design project to a company that isn’t experienced enough; little do I doubt about the abilities of new companies, however just like anywhere else, with experience comes the maturity and intellectual that’s so dearly needed to fight-off stiff competition in the online industry.

So, don’t shy to ask the agency about their past projects, websites that they have completed and even websites that they are maintaining. You got to see the completed history of projects and not just portfolio work to be assured that your project will be completed on time and within decided budget.

2. Do you work in-house or outsource projects?

Nowadays it’s a common practice for website design and development companies to have back-office support in some other countries, from where they get projects completed. Thereby, it is important to ask if they have an in-house team (highly recommended) or will they outsource the work to some back-office support guys.

3. What’s your business model?

The reason to ask this question is that big is not always better. In fact, for small business websites, it can be more beneficial to hire the services of a company with a smaller footprint. This way you won’t only save cost on your project, but you also have a better chance to get personalized attention and a learning experience.

4. What’s your costing models?

Given the fierce competition in the industry, you can expect pretty customized and affordable pricing models from companies. So, it’s always recommended to ask an agency about their costing models; will they be charging on an hourly basis, project-based, functionalities based, or some other metrics. Also, ask them about the payment schedule and mode of payments.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is Marketing Head at Starlinks Australia Web design – A leading digital agency offering top web design services in Auckland and Christchurch. He has an accumulated experience of 10+ years in digital marketing with a focus on SEO and Content marketing strategy.

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8 Amazing Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness through Technology

Head Shot

It seems these days there’s an app for everything. From tracking parcels to travel bookings, there are multiple apps for most things we do every day. In one area specifically, there has been a mushrooming of apps and accessories over recent years. This area is health and fitness, and from smart watches to apps, we have tons of ways to track our progress. Streaming home workouts on my Spectrum Cable Packages was good enough, but these apps take it to the next level. Here are eight amazing ways to track your health and fitness:

  1. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is the perfect app to track your fluid intake during the day. Doctors recommend around 9-13 glasses of water a day, which can be challenging for people. Most forget or lose track, others are not even keeping count. This is where WaterMinder steps in as a solution. WaterMinder can monitor your hydration and remind you to drink water periodically. It can even monitor other beverages you consume, which allows you to keep track of those post-work drinking sessions. Stay healthy and hydrated with this app worth less than $3.

  1. Full Fitness: Exercise and Workout Trainer

Save the money you were going to spend on a professional trainer and download this app instead. Whatever muscle group you are exercising, this app will make sure you make the most of it. It sorts exercises into categories by targeted muscle groups, body region, and equipment. For those who don’t have easy access to barbells or other equipment, there are also many cardio and bodyweight exercises. For an app worth $2.99, it’s a bargain if you attain your fitness goals.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is perfect for people who have trouble regulating their sleep cycle and waking up fresh. It works by analyzing your sleep patterns from your bedside and find the best moment to start waking you up. The app itself is free to download, but if you really want to make the most of it, its advisable to go for the in-app upgrades.

  1. Lifesum

Lifesum is a comprehensive health and fitness app that helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle than your current one. It is an overall wellness app that does a number of things. From fitness food recipes to tracking gym progress to hydration reminders, its got it all. Considering its got so many areas covered, you only need this one app to get fitter than a number of different apps. Lifesum is a free-to-download app but it also offers a three, six or twelve-month subscription.

  1. Headspace

If you’re a Zen master, you can probably give this app a pass. For everyone else, Headspace is the perfect guided meditation app. It walks you through the meditation process on a basic level and helps you find mental clarity. Irrespective of physical surroundings, its really useful for those high-strung, workaholic types who need some level of mental release. The app contains 10 free meditation exercises and you also get the option to get a monthly or annual subscription.

  1. Noisli

Noisli is the best app to create your own ambient sound atmosphere, whether you’re trying to work or get sleep. It helps drown out surrounding noises and replaces them with soothing, ambient sounds that help you relax or concentrate. You can even create your own custom track by mixing distinct sounds together like running water and birdsongs. It helps you adjust and maintain your mental state, eliminating sounds that induce anxiety or unease. Noisli is available for download at $1.99, a cost which is far outweighed by the benefits. Like Headspace, Noisli is a great app for mental health.

  1. Couch to 5K

Everyone is aware that cardio and running are great ways to reduce stress, risks of different diseases and bone deformations. Despite this, stepping on the running track or a treadmill for the first time can be a daunting task. Couch to 5K is a personal coach that promises to have you out of your couch and running your first 5 kilometers in nine weeks. It does this by encouraging short 20-30 minute running exercises every day, building up your stamina and endurance. It also helps you track your running progress so you know exactly how far you’ve come. Couch to 5K costs $2.99 to download.

  1. Aaptiv

Too many of us find it hard to push ourselves to the limit during our workout. Turning up the resistance on the elliptical can be an internal battle. Aaptiv comes in at this crucial juncture to help you push yourself to the max during your workout. It does this by syncing your workout with a recorded audio lesson, helping you really get into the burn. The app itself is available for free to download but it contains different memberships suited to different lifestyles. Simply download the app, pick the membership that fits best, and get into your workout.

These 8 apps are some of the best ways technology helps you keep track of your health and fitness routine. However, the importance of the right workout tunes cannot be understated. Check out Cox Internet Plans to find some of the best wearable accessories with your smartphones like headphones, smart watches and more. Go hard or go home!

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