Secure your targeted audience with Age Verification Services

Cyberspace has evolved a great deal with the launch of interest based communities and social media platforms targeting a specific set of users. There are infinite businesses operating on the internet that use the power of digital age in order to facilitate a targeted audience, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. There are social media platforms and then there are discussion forums that help to bring together birds of a feather that flock together. Several online service providers are even using this targeted audience to provide services or sell products that are manufactured specially for that group of people. For example, there are teen based gaming portals or online courses for students of a typical field of study. All these targeted audiences have to be verified for their individual claimed identities in order to safeguard the business interest of companies that solely depend on their targeted audience for revenue generation or affiliate marketing. For age-restricted platforms, an age verification service by Shufti Pro seems to be an ideal solution.

Age Verification for authentic users

Age restricted websites and online platforms are perfect hunting grounds for criminal elements for not only scamming young users but to also perpetuate their heinous acts against under-age users. Sometimes, under-age users also try to register on age-restricted platforms and website in order to gain access to restricted content. Any website that does not have hard-to-crack checks to authenticate the true age of their users can land in hot waters with authorities, leading to fines that can go as high in millions of dollars.

Authentic users can easily be tracked with the help of online age verification solutions that can use any possible method to verify the age of incoming users. Sometimes, account take over method is used to gain access to age-restricted platforms and this can be considered counter-effective to the overall user experience. Use of an authentic identity document as proof of presence in the appropriate age bracket can help online businesses to fight online identity fraud and age-related scams.

Services for a targeted audience

Several organizations launch special services and products for a targeted audience in order to increase their outreach to their better performing demographics or those that they consider requiring their special attention. Online Age verification services such as the one provided by AI-backed Shufti Pro can help authenticate the true identity and age of the users that sign up for these special offers by online businesses. Otherwise, an excellent marketing tactic can be abused by users for whom such an offer was not launched.

Regulatory compliance is also an important factor in utilizing age verification services as well because several governments have started taking online security of under-age users seriously. Several businesses have been slapped with fines of multi-million dollars due to lack of any substantial age verification checks to authenticate the true age of their incoming users that put the entire community of underage users at risk. In the age of specialized services for a focused set of users, age verification and identity verification has become a must-have feature for online businesses.

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