The 3 Web Design Trends to Grasp Today

“From lighter and bright to new take on the polygons and sophisticated data concepts, these web design trends are everything but ordinary. They’re easy to deploy either on single pages or a complete web design fix.”

Each trend is a step up to the styles that have been progressing for some time now; the minimalist white and lighter shades, all data to amazing visualisations for the web and a fresh splash at the poly shaped. Keep your eyes out for:

  1. White & light schemes

White and lighter shades are quite obvious lately with appealing yet simple aesthetics being the primary aspect. This includes images, background as well as foreground elements and where white is in demand, colour palettes the feature softer shades of grey, cool cream hues and even bold and noticeable pastels look equally impressive.

The best way take on this particular design strategy is incorporating other elements so that you don’t have just the white, bland background. Put in imagery that’s lighter or has a lot of white can complement to the design incredibly. Here’s an example for clarity!

Still, you can go beyond images to implement the design for amazing layout. Work with video or illustration can be equally charming. You can use this design trend either as a complete website theme or for a specific section or page that’s already white or lighter for just the emphasis. Be sure the test and lettering is in dark so that it’s readable.

Throw in something extra for the appeal like a bright-shaded button or single element so that users can identify the most important design aspect immediately. Consider minimal accents rather than full coloured options; go for a simple and single-shade concept. Every competent Dubai web design agency is likely to adopt this style as part of its web development strategy.

  1. Data visualisation

Information is all over the place/website or, it seems this way perhaps! Emphasis on content gathering and delivery across the industries for value and brand identity isn’t surprising as more and more emerging design trends complements to large-scale data visualisation. Interactive animations to maps and charts/graphical illustration, a bold and clear data visualisation helps a user to better grasp the topic and this provides an engaging (memorable) way to learn something.

The only drawback is large undertaking to manage data in such a volume. Determine a strategy which allows showcasing information in an updated format without stressing of the constant management.

Automated tools would definitely help here and Google Charts is quite simple yet powerful. There’re many different ways to create, embed and incorporate data visualizations to a web design. Some of the most engaging use the trend which presents dynamic information in the most interactive format.

  1. Polygons 2.0

In the late 2017 and earlier this years, polygon shapes were obvious elements of website design. The trend’s still in but with a creative and different look. Handful of supersized polygons now took over those previous piles of packed shapes for the background.


So what’re the trends that appeal you? Think twice and choose the best ones being a competent Dubai web design agency.

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