Why Investing in Property in Bangalore is a Good Investment?

Electronic City of India, Silicon Valley of India, Space City, IT Capital-these are some of the many tags that Bangalore has earned over the years, because of its multifold expansion and advancements in industrial and service sector. Better employment opportunities, quality education, world-class medical facilities, robust infrastructure, increasing foreign investment -all these factors together have raised the demand for residential property in Bangalore.

For potential homeowners and investors, there are several apartments for sale in Bangalore that offer quality living at a very competitive price. Shriram Sameeksha in Jalahalli is one such example, where you can buy a 1 BHK flat at a price as low as Rs. 30 lakh. With suburbs expanding as residential clusters, one can find several such properties in Bangalore that are budget-friendly and at the same time caters to all the needs of modern living.

-> Better Employment Opportunities

Bangalore-the IT hub of the country headquarters some of the biggest tech giants and MNCs. It has also surfaced as a much-preferred destination among the foreign investors. Backed by the flow of resources and government initiatives, Bangalore is also sprawling with entrepreneurial developments. The city employs a huge population of engineers.

In spite of the continuous growth for two decades now, the city is still expanding, and the rate of the expansion does not seem to slow down any time soon. Because of the vast and competitive employment opportunities, the demand and supply of properties in Bangalore gets realized simultaneously. The employment opportunities are driving the demand and the competitive salary packages are serving the supply side of the market.

-> Continuous Growth & Expansion

For the year 2019, the World Economic Forum declared Bangalore as the most dynamic city among 131 cities across the world. This ranking is done on the basis of infrastructural growth, socio-economic parameters and real estate growth. The economic growth of Bangalore is much faster than compared to the other cities which makes it a profitable and quality city to reside at.

The high growth has induced exemplary infrastructural growth of the city. With the grounding of Bangalore Metro Rail, the connectivity and commutation facility of the city has upgraded by large means. This has pushed the demands of residential property in the areas adjacent to the metro track. Furthermore, a 34 km long High-Speed Airport link is under development to connect the Kempegowda International Airport to the City Centre.

-> Competitive Price, Choices & High Returns

The cost of buying a property in Bangalore is much lower than that of Delhi and Mumbai. Due to its rapid expansion and continuous influx of working-class people, the developers have come up with several affordable and mid-range apartments for sale in Bangalore. The city offers ample choices to select from depending on your budget and needs.

The suburbs of Bangalore are growing rapidly to accommodate the ever-growing residential needs. The value of these residential clusters is expected to soar high in the coming times. From a decade now, offering a house or an apartment for sale in Bangalore can generate hefty capital gains. Also, if someone is to move out of the city, the house can be let out, as the demand for rental properties in Bangalore always remains on the higher side.

-> Amenities & Nearby Places

Be it in the heart of the town or near the office cluster or in the suburbs – almost all the residential projects of Bangalore include all the basic amenities and many of the luxurious amenities as well. Amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, banquets, theatre rooms, play area for the children, jogging tracks are available in almost every residential project.

Buying a property in Bangalore will not only serve the needs of the modern living but also allows you to stay close to the nature, invariable of the fact if your residency has open landscape areas or not. This is because of the numerous travelling spots that lie in an around Bangalore which is fit for short random trips. Places like Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Hassan can be visited over weekends to take a mini-break from the city life.

Hence, in terms of returns, living standards, work-life balance, Bangalore proves to be one of the most lucrative places to buy a property. If you want to buy a property in Bangalore, you can finance your acquisition by taking home loans from NBFCs at competitive interest rates.

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