Why you Should Enroll in a Master’s Degree Programme Today?

By: Hassaan Javaid

To pursue a master’s degree is exciting and there’re various reasons for enrolling in the postgraduate course. Some of the most popular reasons for undertaking master’s as per the Higher Education Academy’s Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2017 were:

  • Career boost (58%)
  • Improve employment prospects (54%)
  • Personal Interest (46%)
  • A steppingstone to further/even higher qualification (21%)
  • To enter a particular profession (21%)
  • Fulfil current employment’s status or meet job requisites (9%)

Pursuing masters in Saudi Arabia can be a game changer in your career as the degree can gain you meaningful apprenticeship, worthy industry contacts and social connections. While all that’s true, masters course curriculum is intense and costly whereas some universities also require certain work experience as enrolment criterion.

Would you land a worthy job with masters?

A master’s degree is praiseworthy by almost every employer and also popular among the international students. It must be noted that holding the degree won’t guarantee a job but statistics from 2017 does reveal that a higher number of graduates and postgraduates were employed as compared to non-graduates.

Postgraduates are more high-skilled employees designated at a senior professional or managerial position. Then there’re some roles or nature of employment such as being a lawyer, clinical psychologist, social worker, librarian or a teacher where master’s degree is a must to associate with the field.

In today’s highly competitive and saturated job market, a master’s degree can give you an edge against those who do not. More and more employers are increasingly distinguishing between candidates which means this additional high-level qualification which proves your ability and commitment towards intense hard work.

If you’re lucky enough to be employed in an industry of your preference, a master’s degree can definitely prove to be a major career leap. It can be the key to enhance your expertise in the particular area chosen. And there’s possibility of your employer to offer financial support against sponsorship programme.

Masters in Saudi Arabia can be truly beneficial if complemented by likewise work experience. Having zero experience won’t do much except weakening your profile whereas affording the degree programme may put you under financial debt.

Is it cost worthy?

Obtaining a master’s degree is indeed costly, time-consuming and stressful commitment especially for those already enrolled in the programme alongside full-time employment. Weigh up the reasons to choose and study a particular course carefully.

But due to shorter duration as compared to undergraduate or a bachelor’s degree, the total cost is quite less but then again, fees vary widely among the universities, total number of courses under a specialization and states. To ensure that masters can certainly meet your expectations, worthy of all the hard work and cost you would pay against the fee, you must;

  • Be dedicated and passionate about the subject
  • Browse employment categories that identifies the most current industry trends and whether you can meet them after completing the programme
  • Carefully consider all aspects of your career to ensure qualification offer the best match against the goals you seek

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